That dowsing feeling

In this article the author, wants to make the point that the diviner is not passive, but an active agent. He appears to be self-taught dowser, with a “natural” dowsing ability, or sensitivity which extended to the ability to “feel” the presence of what he searched for. He was seeking a theory to account for his experiences, but that alluded him. However, some of his personal observations are of interest. For instance, he was able to feel “belts” of influence adjacent to underground streams. This I take to mean that he could feel the presence of the so-called “parallels” running next to streams. He could also “feel” underground water down to 2000 feet.  He primary observation was that he could direct his attention to whatever he sought thereby filtering out all other influences. This he was able to distinguish between multiple streams which might lie under each other. Using his directed consciousness, he seems to be one of the first dowsers to have developed a countdown method of depthing underground streams. A method quite common today. Practice and familiarity with environment he was working in seemed to be both important.

“A water divining theory” by Rev. H. W. Lea-Wilson: