Two short letters

Some of the most interesting writing to appear in the BSD journals are often the letters. Letters can be of complaint, praise, desires, but many of these simply relate the curious experiences of dowsers.  Here are two such letters.

The first, entitled “Ghosts”, is a letter from Michael Jack:

He begins with the observation that he can use dowsing to communicate with his dead wife. She helpfully provides the necessary settings for his washing machine!

He then describes using his dowsing skills to find the identity of a “ghost” he encountered. Amongst the BSD articles there is very little of this nature that has been written, so it is particularly interesting.

Next is a letter from Gillian Collins:

This describes an example of dowsing by proxy. The author’s unconscious appears to have connected with that of her friend, such that the author’s dowsing responded to her friend’s requests. Maybe the author consciously allowed this to happen, but it makes me wonder whether some of the reported dowsing results, might arise from conscious, or unconscious ideas or wishes, espoused by others; maybe akin to the idea of a “meme”?