Dowsing with a coconut

Here the author has a short, but particularly interesting account to tell of the time he watched an Indian water diviner at work. But it is water divining in the most extraordinary manner.

“Water-divining in Malabar” by M. K. Krishnaswami, M.A.

As the author points out, in England at this time, the forked stick was perhaps the most common divining device for outdoors work and he comments how forcibly the rod could move for some diviners, “… the intensity of the “spin” is so great that a strong man cannot keep the twig moving; occasionally it flies clean out of the “dowser’s “ hands.” This is suggestive of an additional force at work, beyond that of the dowser tensing the rod to put it into a state of unstable equilibrium. There are other accounts in the BSD journals too, in which extraordinary forces appear to be operating for certain dowsers, and this might be evidence for a macro-psychokinesis (PK). If this explanation seems too incredible, then read the account of how the Indian diviner worked. Taken at face value, this is an extraordinary example of PK at work.