Some notes and news

Another wonderful source of dowsing anecdotes in the early BSD journals was to be found in the “Notes and News” section. Here was a collection of short notable news reports and letters recounting the diverse dowsing activities undertaken by members of the society.

Here is an example of two such items. The first deals with finding water in support of the building of a railway in northern Sudan at the end of the 19th Century. It includes a short account of a local man who had a very particular method of dowsing for the presence of water. Also there is an account of the British army using a the dowsing abilities of one of its own soldiers to find water in an otherwise unpromising desert location, challenging the sceptical response to water dowsing, in which the dowser is unconsciously using some in-depth knowledge of the land to find a bore hole.

The second anecdote refers to the hunting of moles and of the location of blocked drains. Interestingly, to assist in finding the moles, the dowser used a handful of soil thrown up by the moles, before moving to the use of the pelt of the first trapped mole, which seemed to provide better results, despite the fact that it did not belong to the next mole sought.