Dowsing for the lost Library of Iona

“The Lost Library of Iona”, by Reverand P. B. Willmot.

This is a dowsing detective story. The author was interested in finding out what became of the library originally beonging to the monastery on the Scottish island of Iona, following the monastry’s dissolution in 1561. The legend was that it had been buried on a nearby but remote island. With a vague idea that dowsing might be helpful, he enlisted the help of BSD members, and had offers of help from amongst the best dowsers of the day. Along the way, he was also introduced to people with extraordinarily psychic sensitivities.

Unfortunately, no great discovery was made, but it is interesting to read how, bit by bit, the adventure unfolds, guided by the dowsing results, which were all obtained remotely by map dowsing. However, the story at least demonstrates what is possible through dowsing.