Electronic dowsing

“A beginner in electronic dowsing”, by Daniel Wilson.


The late Dan Wilson was one of the more gifted of dowsers of his day, and for a long time, he was an active member of the BSD. His main interest was applying dowsing to the field of healing. But his day job was working as an electronics engineer, testing electronic circuits. It was perhaps natural therefore, that he used dowsing to aid his work (though perhaps not in on vert way). In this article, he describes what he learned about dowsing from this particular application of the art. 

I have summarized his main observations:

To assist dowsing to work well, it is best to “turn off” one’s logical thinking, that is approach it as if one knows very little. But this can in itself hinder the process, because one can then look in the wrong place if knowledge is not used to guide the search.

When dowsing, there is always time to take into consideration. Basically, the answer to a question about a particular system, will simultaneously include the system’s past, present and future states. Therefore, when dowsing through time, one must choose the starting time carefully, depending on the problem. He also adds the option of what is often caled the “idiot response”, when the dowsing response is unable to establish itself, becuase the answer lies outside of the range of answers considered possible. Also, he says that one can dowse to get a future prediction, but he seems to suggest that such a prediction is probabilistic, since it is based on current knowledge.

When searching, sometimes one has to be very precise with the terms used. Perhaps this is one reason why he considered dowsing to work best for really simple problems.

Map dowsing can be applied to schematic diagrams (we have seen this in earlier posts).

One of his more extraordinary uses of dowsing is as private computer. For exmple he calculates logarithms and values for components in circuits.

He considered the dowsing response to be affected by, or reflect, how one perceives reality. This made him sceptical about all dowsing theories, since preconceived ideas could affect the dowsing results.

The considered there to be a connection between healing and dowsing. I think he is referring to effect of one’s mental states and their effect on dowsing.

He simply accepts that dowsing never gives all the answers and that there is no need to form theories about its limitations.

I suspect, although they may not be aware of it, that many talented dowsers exhibit profound psychokinesis (PK) like abilities (perhaps these are present to some extent in all people). He recounts a personal experience.. Perhaps his ability, as well as healing people, could also heal circuits.