An exceptional healer

“Healing by magnetic radiation”, by Mrs Kingsley Tarpey.

This article, published during the second World war, has little to do with dowsing per se, but rather details her activities as a healer. Members of the BSD often use dowsing in healing work. Mrs Kingsley Tarpey was obviously an exceptionally gifted healer, and it is likely that she felt accepted by the society, whose members would have been receptive to her talents. She seems to have approached her work in a methodical way, with the hope, I assume, of giving it some credibility to those in the more conventional medical fraternity. The article is therefore particularly interesting, because she invited medically trained observers to monitor her clients while she worked, and there is a statement from these observers appended to her article. Unfortunately, being war time, this monitored healing was hard to continue, and so she had to fall back on including instead feedback from several clients.

The article refers to an earlier one she submitted in 1938 and I have also included this here, since it includes more testaments to the efficacy of her treatment.

“Human Radiations” By Mrs Kingsley Tarpey

From these two articles, we see her treating a host of conditions, including:

Pleurisy, facial disfigurement due to infantile paralysis, depressive illness, sprains, pernicious anaemia, allergic reactions, dyspepsia, relieving symptoms of phantom limbs, writer’s cramp, rheumatoid arthritis and blood pressure.

According to one of the observers, who seems to have been a psychiatrist, the treatment outcomes did not appear to be the classic placebo effect. This view is further justified by the fact that she treated animals (even bringing a piglet back from the edge of death), and had the remarkable ability to make seeds germinate earlier than might be expected, and significantly improve the health of plants. Also, rather curiously, she was able to desiccate meat through intention alone, thereby preserving it.

The effect of her treatments seem to felt almost immediately (within minutes), often with the client feeling physical sensations. Interestingly, even if she focussed on a single issue, this could sometimes be sufficient to correct other problems, which she had not concentrated on. An interesting comment was made by Dudley, one of the observers, who after making by physiological measurements on her clients, suggested “.. that the curative results of Mrs. Kingsley Tarpey’s treatment may be based on the restoration of equilibrium.”

She believed, as was currently held belief amongst dowsers at that time, that her ability was due to some radiative effect, linked somehow to magnetism (dowsing was then often referred to then using the French term ‘Radiesthesia’).  She even thought it possible that this radiation might have an external source and that she was simply a conduit. But it seems that she was the active agent here, some sensitive dowsers  “… could perceive my  radiations three or four yards away.”

 However, she mentions the use of healing oil. This is oil (derived from sheep) that as she “magnetized”, which appears to mean that she has imparted her healing intention to the oil. Some of her clients then used the oil, while remote to her and found it beneficial, as if it was a proxy for the healer. She does not mention homeopathy in her work, though this was a subject that had discussed in the journal. But it appears there are similarities between homeopathic remedies and her healing oil. Perhaps homeopathic remedies work through the same channel of intent.

Overall these articles offer some of the best documented accounts of healing practice that I have found in the BSD journals.